11 Christmas Stocking Stuffers/Present Ideas For Gamers or Teenagers

Gifts for Teenagers and Especially Gamers are Super Hard!

Luckily I have made a list of gifts for your gamer or teenager at home. Although I don’t game as much as I use too I really do know what is important to us in terms of gifts. These gifts are sure to impress and not break the bank. All of the gift ideas have been thought up with your wallet and that smile on Christmas day. I think is the best way on how to pick the best Christmas presents for a gamer. So I hope you enjoy!

Here is the video unboxing of the Present Ideas For Gamers or Teenagers:


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YSTech Full Review: https://ystech.org/11-christmas-ideas-for-gamers

Intro and Advice: 0:00 – 0:45
1. Headphone stand – Timestamp: 0:46 – 1:16
Links to buy:

2. Mousepad – Timestamp: 1:17 – 2:05
Links to buy:
The Warehouse PlayMax $15:
PBTech Steelseries QCK $24:

3. Led Strips – Timestamp: 2:06 – 2:38
Links to buy:
Kmart LED Strips:
Tradme ‘Higher’ Quality LED Strips:

4. Desk Fan – Timestamp: 2:39 – 3:00
Links to buy:

5. Mechanical Keyboard – Timestamp: 3:00 – 4:09
Links to buy:

6. Power Banks – Timestamp: 4:10 – 5:12
Links to buy:
RubberMonkey Anker Powerbank:
MightyApe Anker Powerbank: https://bit.ly/ystech6anker2
The Warehouse Powerbank: https://bit.ly/ystech6thewarehousepowerbank

7. Wireless Earphones – Timestamp: 5:13 – 6:45
Links to buy:
Xiaomi Redmi Airdots: https://bit.ly/ystech7xiaomiearphones
Haylou GT1: https://bit.ly/ystech7haylougt1earphones

8. Wireless Earphone cases – Timestamp: 6:46 – 7:15
Links to buy:
Kmart Cases: https://bit.ly/ystech8kmartcases
Aliexpress Cases: https://bit.ly/ystech8aliexpresscases

9. Wrist Rests – Timestamp: 7:16 – 7:59
Links to buy: https://bit.ly/ystech9wristrest

10. Gaming Mice – Timestamp: 8:00 – 8:54
Links to buy:
Noel Leeming: https://bit.ly/ystech10lgtg305
Advice on Mice (RocketJumpNinja): https://www.rocketjumpninja.com/

11. Graphics Tablet – Timestamp: 8:55 – 9:42
Links to buy: https://bit.ly/ystech11graphicstablet

Outro: 9:43 – 10:24


Hi there I am YS from YSTech.org and if you’ve probably noticed that I do love my tech products. I do an unboxing video every week so I have a lot of hands on experience with quite a number of products.


Just before we get into the list there will be a number items that are from Aliexpress. Unfortunately, if you order from Aliexpress right now at least in New Zealand it will not arrive before christmas. So the solution to this is just to search up the name of the product online than type in at the end of it in google ____ buy in New Zealand. You should find some similar product given that it will be more expensive in New Zealand. Links for all products will be in the description.

So lets go into the Christmas present stocking stuffer list:


First up we have this Headphone stand. Coming in at around $5NZD I received this headphone stand today and I can defiantly say its worth it for $5. I would not pay more than $10 for it considering that the base is plastic and only t he neck of the headphone hanger is aluminum. But for $5 if you have a gamer at home that just leaves their headphones or headset on their desk this would be an ideal product to preserve the life of the headphones from falling and breaking on the ground.


Second we have a mousepad. Now I personally use this mousepad and you can check the review out for it on my channel. For $15 this mousepad is quite a steal, its smooth, durable and the edges do not fray out easily. Overall it’s a great mousepad with a huge surface area for only $15. Now there are other brands that your gamer might prefer which would be something like Steelseries QCK, which is higher quality, but at the same time is smaller and more expensive. If the person is not fussy like myself I would get the $15 mousepad, but if they are fussy than you could tell them to be more grateful or you could spend a bit more for something which is branded.


Thirdly we have led strips. Now these are about $15 as well and a lot of gamers or teenagers are really in to them right now. Make sure you get the one with the usb cable as it is only 5v so its easier to use compared to a 12v one. There are higher quality ones you can purchase off trademe or aliexpress which are higher quality. But if your strapped for cash or running out of time these are an awesome present to get.


Coming in at fourth we have the not so special desk fan at about $5. I use to have one of these fans and its is such a blessing in summer especially in New Zealand. It get so hot when typing on the keyboard its awesome to have a desk fan to cool not only yourself but your hands down as well.  A super cheap but effective gift idea.



Fifth on the list we have a mechanical keyboard. At around $30 – $40 these are not so much a stocking stuffer as they are an actual present. Personally I have one of these budget mechanical keyboards which I have reviewed and am still using. You can get one from Kmart which I saw in store the other day which was about $40. I also saw one from The Warehouse for $60. Just make sure that it is a real mechanical keyboard and not a semi-mechanical keyboard, to make sure of this you can pull a keycap off the keyboard and if you see this ‘switch’ than its probably mechanical. You could also ask what switches it has on the keyboard and if they don’t know than its probably not a good bet. Just remember that mechanical keyboards can get very expensive and just to start out to keep for long these budget mechanical keyboards will be fine.


Sixth we have power banks ranging from $20 – $60. Power banks range largerly in prices due to brand, quality and quantity. Personally I would try to purchase an Anker power bank like I have. You can’t really go wrong with a power bank as long as its not from aliexpress or a night market, just because the quality of the b attery in the bank maybe poor. You could also go for one off The Warehouse which I have personally used and never had problems with so far.


Seventh are cheap wireless earphones ranging from $20 to $30 , headphone, earbuds or whatever you like to call them. I personally have a pair of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots and they are actually pretty good. They have a long battery life, look good, pair easily and are quite well made. I think these are a good alternative to the Apple Airpods as they are much cheaper. Although they lack a few features like noise cancellation, touch control etc they are quite good. There are also the Haylou GT1 which I have ordered, but haven’t arrived yet. From what I have seen these are much better than the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots that I have and is why I have chosen to replace them with these. The Haylou GT1’s have touch control and apparently better sound quality which is why I have chosen them. I would personally stay away from budget wireless earphones from kmart or other places just because they look a bit weird because of how large they are. They just look really awkward. There are a number of options for wireless earphones but I think its still be to do your research like you are right now.


Eight would be wireless earphone cases. These are super easy to find and are dirt cheap at around $5 – $10. Just find out what type of wireless earphones they have like the Apply Airpods 1 or 2 than you can buy a case for them. Personally this would be an awesome gift to get as its practical and can also make your wireless earphones look great for really cheap.


Ninth we have wrist rests. These are usually around $30 – $40 for a good quality one. Considering that these will last a number of years I’d say the price is a little high but warranted considering the quality. For anyone gaming or sitting typing all day its super important that they keep their wrists elevated and this HyperX wrist rest is awesome for that. I have personally used on at a friends house and its awesome to game with. Its very soft, but durable at the same time. Again there are a lot of different brands to go with.


Tenth we have gaming mice. These are more of a present ranging from $50 to $100. Now I know the one of screen in New Zealand is currently $120 which is a really bad price considering I got mine for $60NZD imported, but this mouse the Logitech G305 is really good and is amazing for gaming. It has no cord so its easier to move and at the same time the quality and finish is great. Other great gaming mouse brands are some from SteelSeries, Razer and Zowie. Check out https://www.rocketjumpninja.com/ as he is a mice reviewer and can has full guides into purchasing the best mice for a gamer.


Lastly at tenth, we have a graphics tablet. Now I know this won’t be for everyone and epscially at the current price of $200 this is quite an expensive present. I personally have an older model that received for Christmas and have used so many times on Photoshop, Paintool sai and other drawing applications. It’s a very universal and multifunctional tablet. It can also be used in some very specific games and if you ask your ‘gamer’ if they play Osu and they say yes they may actually appreciate this gift very much.


So that about wraps up the video.

If I think of anymore I will make a new video so make sure to subscribe to see when that one comes out. Make sure you go and check out my website ystech.org that has all the best in technology reviews and unboxings. So make sure you check it out at ystech.org. But other than that thank you very much for watching, stay safe stay healthy and I’ll see you guys in the next video Bye!

Disclaimer some links may have commission paid from them to me. 🙂



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