Everyone knows it everyone loves it, a solid mechanical keyboard.

This CMStorm Keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches only costs me $13USD or $20NZD.

Find out how I managed to pull this deal off!

This is my CMStorm Trigger Cherry MX Red keyboard, which I am liking a lot. I’ll put out a review for this keyboard later.

Now onto the main question. How can I pick up such a steal? The answer is second hand used websites.

In New Zealand, we have TradeMe, which I where I got this deal from. I simply asked the guy is the keyboard working and can you do a buy now? He said yes and I purchased this keyboard with genuine Cherry MX red switches for $13. He was even kind enough to drop it off to me at my front door!

Now, this is not an isolated case, you will often find on TradeMe very cheap mechanical keyboards that may be in rough shape but are fully functional and working. All I had to with this keyboard was clean it, install the drivers and macro software. Then I was flying.

On Trade Me keyboards usually go cheap on auction or have a low buy now prices, I’ve done this many times before like with my $7USD vintage alps white knockoff keyboard. That keyboard had broken which is why I wanted to purchase a new one. Although I was missing that tactile bump, I’m really enjoying the experience on these Cherry MX Reds.

The same is similar on eBay or other sites where you can snatch up bargains. Another thing you may ask me is “Hey Beezito why can’t you just buy a cheap mech off AliExpress or eBay”. The truth is you can and it may as well be worth it. However, you could be missing out on a cheaper deal from a second-hand keyboard or the experience from Cherry MX, or the likes of other brands. Now don’t get me wrong I do like the value for money from the Chinese mechanical switches, but I do also like the slightly higher grade materials used in previous years flagship keyboards, from the likes of Cooler Master, Corsair etc. It’s up to you what you pick, but just make sure you’re spending your money on a switch that you really enjoy otherwise it’s a waste.

This brings me to another point. Buying the newest mechanical keyboard seems kind of pointless considering that these keyboards (although being second hand) are still fully working and have plenty of life left in them. Keyboards don’t generally stop working unless you drop them or spill water on them. Also considering that these 2nd hand ones were the top range of their time there isn’t much point of spending a lot on a mechanical keyboard. My last point is, mechanical keyboards in recent years or in fact many years have had almost no improvement at all and just comes down to price and brand choice. For the love of god, it’s just a keyboard there is no difference between the new 2018 keyboard with RGB cherry MX blue and the 2014 Single LED Cherry MX blue, they both type the feel and type the same. What’s the point of having RGB if you’re never looking down at your keyboard unless you’re an idiot. 😛

Now all jokes aside I wish you luck on your value keyboard adventures and make sure to see me in the next post.


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