To build or not to build that is the question?

For April 2022 in New Zealand, I have put together a relatively detailed gaming pc build this month. I have given my recommendations to different levels of performance in terms of CPU options such as the AMD Ryzen 5600 or the Intel i5 10400f and explaining the reasons I have gone with a certain AMD 6600XT graphics card at the moment, due to its price to performance at the moment. I have also put in a m.2 NVME ssd to help with hopefully better load times.At a minimum this gaming PC should be able to play esport titles like League of Legends, Fortnite, Valorant, CSGO, Apex Legends etc at 1080p high easily. Even some newer esport titles should be fine at 1080p high or 1440p low. With newer operating systems such as windows 11, it would be very surprising to see the performance increase/decrease with Intel or AMD CPU’s. Also I wouldn’t say that is the best cheapest gaming pc in nz, but instead the best midrange gaming pc in nz!

Here is the video of the Best Gaming PC for NZ April 2022:
0:00 – 1:06 Intro
1:07 – 2:06 Price of Builds
2:07 – 5:57 Intel CPU’s and Motherboards
5:58 – 8:21 AMD CPU and Motherboard
8:22 – 11:08 Ram
11:09 – 13:22 Storage (SSD and HDD)
13:23 – 16:41 Graphics card
16:42 – 18:28 Case
18:29 – 19:11 Power Supply
19:12 Outro

YSTech Article:
1.6k Intel Build:
1.7k AMD Build:
GamersNexus Video:
JayzTwoCents Video




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