Are PCs actually expensive? – a response to JayzTwoCents video

Are PCs actually expensive at the moment?

Its hard to tell from casual observation. I was inspired by JayzTwoCents to make this video but around the New Zealand market. This is a real deep dive using examples from previous gaming pcs advice guides that I have made.

Here is the video!:
0:00 – 0:30 Intro
0:31 – 4:38 Motherboard Prices Compared?
4:39 – 7:18 Have Motherboard Prices Increased?
7:19 – 8:38 Inflation V Motherboards
8:39 – 10:05 Individual Components Prices?
10:06 – 12:39 Inflation v PCs Total Cost
12:40 Inflation v PCs Conclusion!

JayzTwoCents Video:
March 2023 Build:
MSI PRO H610M-B PCPartPicker:
MSI PRO H610M-B PriceSpy:
September 2022 Build:
Asus Prime B560M-K:
June 2022 Build:
ASRock H610M-HDV PCPartpicker:
ASRock H610M-HDV PBTech:
ASRock H610M-HDV PriceSpy:
November 2022 Build:
MSI B550M Pro-VDH PriceSpy:
October 2021 Build:
September 2020 Build:
RBNZ Inflation Calculator:
September 2022 PCPartPicker:
October 2023 Comparison Build:
RX 7600 PBTech:
Stats NZ CPI Inflation:

YSTech Full Review:




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