$20 Audio Technica AT2020 XLR With Recording Sample

$20? Is this even real?!

Audio Technica is a decent choice when it comes to audio. Even more so with their studio or prosumer options. I personally own three Audio Technica headphones and I am so pleased with them. So when I saw this AT-2020 for only $20 on TradeMe I jumped on the deal for purchase. There was no time to negotiate the price as it was so good. When I got the microphone I couldn’t believe it; an AT2020 with XLR for $20. A real one too! It sounds so good and is far better than the MXL 770 I was using already. It also so much cheaper. Snags like these can be found all over TradeMe and I happened to be lucky enough to pick up this $150NZD+ for only $20NZD. This is incredible. Watch the video to hear an audio sample and how good the build quality is!

Here is the video unboxing of the $20 Audio Technica AT2020:


YSTech: http://ystech.org
YSTech Full Review: https://ystech.org/20-at2020



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