Boost League of Legends FPS 2020 – In dept Guide

Boost League of Legends FPS for any system! 

League is a fast paced game and requires a lot of focus. But how are you supposed to focus when your FPS keeps dropping all the time? Well i’ve got the solution for you. In the Tldr; and the video I am going to go in dept and show you how your old pc or laptop will be able to reach challenger levels in no time. Don’t let your FPS hold you back YSTech is here to set you on track ;).


  1. First make a restore point
  2. Close any unnecessary programs
  3. Set priority of league of legends to high in task manager
  4. Disable anything on start-up that you don’t need
  5. Clean your local storage up on your pc
    1. Use Windirstat to find massive files
    2. Use CCleaner
    3. Clear your desktop
    4. Link in the description
  6. Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game\League of Legends
    1. Disable Fullscreen optimizations
    2. Change DPI settings
    3. Override and tick high dpi settings
  7. Windows power plan and click on high performance
    1. Turn off hard disk never
    2. Desktop background, slide show, then paused
    3. Wireless adapter power saving mode max performance
    4. USB selective suspend disable
    5. PCI express link state on off
    6. Processor power management
      1. Min processor on 100%
      2. Cooling policy on Active
  • Max processor on 100%
  1. Apply
  1. Change your graphics settings in the native program
    1. g. I have an NVidia gtx 1050 and right click your desktop
    2. Adjust image settings with preview fir performance
    3. Manage 3d settings
    4. Turn off vertical sync, anti-aliasing – gamma correction
    5. CUDA – GPU on All
    6. You can try max frame rate on, it didn’t really work for me same goes for openGL rendering on your graphics card
    7. Power management on prefer maximum performance
    8. Texture filtering – on performance
    9. Vertical sync off
    10. Try play around with these settings and see what happens.
  2. Disable in game overlays
    1. Like discord or lolwiz
    2. Disable hardware acceleration
    3. Xbox game bar
  3. Windows Game Bar/Game Mode
  4. Now the league client
  5. Click enable low spec mode
  6. Close client during game
  7. Also change the resolution down for the client if need be
    1. It helps sometimes when getting into champ select
  8. Change the settings to absolute lowest
    1. Fullscreen
    2. Keep your resolution or put it down to a comfortable size
    3. Try lowest or custom settings to try out what you are capable of visually running league of legends
    4. Un select character inking
    5. Un select anti-aliasing
    6. Un select wait for vertical sync
    7. FPS set to uncapped
      1. Sometimes this causes more fps issues at uncapped so play around with it to see where the optimal point is
    8. Last resort turn off sound this sometimes helps and on my super old 2009 dell inspiron laptop this did. However, on my newer asus laptop it did not.
      1. I’m not really sure why haha.

If this didn’t help consider upgrading your pc with a new graphics card, SSD or more ram (ram usually not an issue).

You can try an external graphics card dock for your laptop or a budget XGP

  1. Build a new pc with help from my pc build guides
  2. Check out YSTech.Org

Here is the video  of Boost League of Legends FPS 2020 – In dept Guide :

YSTech Full Review:





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