Budget PC’s are back?

As prices drop for PC components the reality of actually having a budget build comes back to light! Finally, I can see some really good bang for the buck deals coming through. If you have been waiting some awesome deals are here and I think are here to stay. Welcome back to PC building once again where prices are finally more competitive that they were last year. Today this budget PC should be able to play all of your favourite Esport titles such as Valorant, League of Legends, CSGO, Dota 2, Apex Legends and Fortnite easily at 144hz 1080p high. Even on newer AAA titles such as the Assassins Creed series or Cyberpunk 2077 this gaming desktop should be able to handle 60fps 1080p medium (note without RayTracing). With upcoming sales and the potential for future drops in pricing considering that DDR5/PCIE 5.0 is going to release for AMD soon I wouldn’t be surprised to see this build’s price drop below $1250.

Here is the video Best Budget Gaming PC for 2022:
0:00 – 0:59 Build Cost
1:00 – 3:56 CPU and Mobo Option 1
3:57 – 4:49 CPU and Mobo Option 2
4:50 – 5:18 CPU Summary
5:19 – 6:10 Ram
6:11 – 8:05 Storage SSD and HDD
8:06 – 8:59 Graphics Card
9:00 – 10:39 Comparison to similar priced GPU’s
10:40 – 12:16 Case
12:17 – 13:42 Power Supply
13:43 – 14:40 Summary
14:41 IMPORTANT Upcoming New CPU’s i.e. DRR5 and PCIE 5.0

YSTech Full Review:
Cheaper Build(My Recommendation):
More Expensive Better 6 Core CPU:



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