Budget Gaming PC Easter – New Zealand 2024

Budget Gaming PC Easter – New Zealand 2024

With a few deals around and hopefully more to come, this easter looks like an alright time to update the gaming PC for New Zealand. This PC is aimed at the budget entry-level 1080p segment, so it should be able to perform decently in most AAA games. Esport titles should be able to achieve higher FPS output which is nice if you have a high-refresh monitor. Some parts could be swapped for 2nd hand parts to drive costs down, such as the case. Thanks, and enjoy the video! 😀

Here is the video of the Budget Gaming PC Easter March/April 2024 NZ:

0:00 – 0:42 Intro
0:43 – 2:23 CPU Options
2:24 – 3:46 CPU Cooler and Fan Hub
3:47 – 5:01 Motherboard
5:02 – 5:41 Ram
5:42 – 7:15 Storage
7:16 – 9:14 Graphics Card
9:15 – 10:18 Case
10:19 – 11:13 Power supply
11:14 Conclusion


YSTech: https://ystech.org/budget-gaming-pc-easter-2024-nz
Fan Hub:




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