Budget Gaming PC New Zealand May 2021

Again PLEASE try not to build a gaming pc right now. 🙂

Gaming computers are really expensive right now. Forget the headset or mouse its time to save up only for the computer. Its amazing how the 3000 RTX Nvidia line up has really thrown the market on its head not to mention AMD’s 6000 series. Honestly, frame rates on these PC’s are going to alright in terms of their price to performance but I would seriously try to avoid building a pc brand new or even secondhand in the current market. Prices are so high this budget build is not something I would really want to recommend to you, but if you REALLY have to build a gaming PC right now this is the build I would go with. In the video I also discuss other options there are to try and navigate this crazy market (please watch the whole video or the TLDR for the most information).

Here is the video of the May 2021 NZ Gaming PC:


YSTech: https://ystech.org
YSTech Full Review: https://ystech.org/budget-gaming-pc-nz-may21
PCPartPicker ‘Lower Performance’:
PCPartPicker ‘Higher Performance’:


Intro 0:00

CPU Recommendations 1:57

Motherboard 3:49

Ram Recommendations 4:41

Storage Recommendations 7:10

Graphics card Recommendations 8:27

Case 12:09

Power Supply 13:07

My final thoughts 14:04

TLDR 15:07

Outro 16:29



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