Budget Joby Gorilla Tripod? Its only ? Let me see 😉

Small tripods are pretty easy to find but if you see one of my earlier videos finding a small tripod that is actually good quality is a bit harder. This Chinese Joby Tripod ripoff did such a good job i’m amazed. It can pretty much hold my phone up like I needed it too although its a bit to small to handle my gimbals which was a little bit disappointing. Never the less this was a great pick up from Aliexpress and will have a big role in my camera arsenal. Check it out the video for more 🙂

Here is the video unboxing of the BUDGET (Joby) GORILLA TRIPOD :


YSTech: http://ystech.org
YSTech Full Review: http://ystech.org/budget-gorilla-tripod-joby
Aliexpress Link for BUDGET (Joby) GORILLA TRIPOD: bit.ly/jobygorillaripoffYSTECH_ORG



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