Is this budget mousepad any good?

Is there any point in a budget mousepad?

H I picked this mousepad up for ten New Zealand dollars ($10 NZD) off TradeMe. Honestly this was a good buy for its price considering that similarly competing mousepads at this price such as the playmax x1 are not as long as this budget one from TradeMe. The texture is quite smooth and was quite pleasant to play games on. The border stitching also feels really good and is quite thick. The border doesn’t get in the way of moving the mouse but feels high quality and doesn’t look like it will fray easily. A good budget buy or even for an awesome Christmas gift. There is a link to purchase on in the description :). 

Here is the video unboxing of the Budget Mousepad from TradeMe:

YSTech Full Review:
TradeMe Mousepad:



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