Check your internet speed!

Finding out your internet speed is really easy now.

It’s also important to check it semi-often to ensure that your telecommunications provider (ISP) is actually promising you the speeds you pay for.

Now I have gigabit internet, but when I’m on my wifi from my laptop my speeds drop quite badly. This is due to where I’m using my laptop and the hardware (the wireless) card that my laptop has. 

So all you have to is go to: by ookla 

Then press GO! Which is really easy to and make sure you pick a server which is close to you.

You should see your speeds now.

Just remember although you may have gigabit your internet speed could actually be a little bit below the speed you pay for which is normal.

But if it too low then it would be good to plug a device directly into your router using an ethernet cable and checking the actual speed.

If it’s too slow then you should call your ISP to fix this issue. Don’t be afraid to ask because especially in New Zealand I pay top dollar for the fastest speeds money can buy from consumer internet (Gigabit)



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