DarkFlash DR12 Pro RGB Fans Unboxing and Install

Budget RGB Fans?

How do the Darkflash RGB DR12 pro fans stack up. Well, they do live up to their name in being RGB and they look quite decent. The drawback is the airflow on the fans. Fortunately for me, they won’t be used for airflow only the RGB factor. Now I know that sounds weird but I just needed lighting on the cheap and these fans worked out to only $30NZD with a controller and remote. It can also be used with an RGB 4pin plug from the motherboard. These are some good-looking fans though and I am really happy with my purchase. 

Here is the video unboxing of the DarkFlash DR12 Pro:


YSTech: https://ystech.org
YSTech Full Review: https://ystech.org/darkflash-dr12-pro-rgb-fans



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