EKWB EK AIO 240 D-RGB Unboxing and Install

Overkill? Maybe but good quality yes! 😀

The EKWB is an awesome water block. The quality of it is so high. It’s amazing the water block is high quality, the tubes are a good quality mesh and the fittings are an awesome metal with powder coating. The fans are very high quality and have a relatively high rpm to dissipate heat from the radiator quickly whilst being quiet at the same time. The RGB looks great on the fans and water block. Most importantly the temperatures are great. It’s relatively easy to install and didn’t take too much time. I believe that EKWB has done a very good job in AIO. 

Here is the video unboxing of the EKWB EK AIO 240:


YSTech: https://ystech.org
YSTech Full Review: https://ystech.org/ek-aio-240
Computer Lounge EKWB 240:
EKWB 240 Install Tutorial (DannysTechChannel): https://youtu.be/zyaXnPSwYsw

Intro: 0:00​ – 0:04​
Unboxing: 0:05​ – 4:06​
Preparing my PC: 4:08​ – 5:36​
Checking for clearance: 5:37​ – 6:23​
Fan install on the radiator: 6:24​ – 6:55​
Installing CPU Mounting Bracker: 6:56​ – 8:04​
Installing radiator into PC: 8:05​ – 8:35​
Installing AIO Waterblock: 8:36​ – 10:36​
Final Thoughts and Tips
Temperatures: 10:53​ – 13:07​
RGB Demonstration: 13:08​ – 14:40​
Outro: 14:40​



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