Analyze your WiFi signal FOR FREE!

Hey, guys its YSBeezito here and today I’m going to show you how to easily  Analyze your Wifi Signal Strength.


So lets get straight into it. First of all you will want to head over to the link description below and download vistumbler.


Now this version of vistumbler is not the newest however is my favorite. Once installed launch vistumbler. It may ask for an admin prompt so say yes. It will ask to update and say no to that. Once here the GUI will open or it will say new session. Click new session if this your case and it will open up. Once here click on scan aps, than click on the network you want and click graph 2. Once here you can see how your wifi signal is looking. As you can see here mine is above 70% at all time which is ok for me. However for windows to show a 5 bar signal I believe the signal strength must be around 80% or more (well from my estimates.). Vistumbler is great for finding the best place to use your wireless device as you can find the most stable place for you wireless connection. The graph is live so you will be able to see how the wireless signal is changing when moving the device. So that is pretty much it. Make sure to like or dislike the video, comment, subscribe and have an awesome day! 😀


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