Gaming PC Build New Zealand – October 2021

A little bit cheaper?

In this PC build, I have gone for slightly less expensive or lower-tier grade parts. Now as always you will always be able to flex parts in and out as you please to change the price. But for around $1840 I think this is a pretty good PC build at the moment. I have gone over my justifications in the video as well. Make sure you check September build as well to make sure you understand the differences in price and the quality of parts you are getting here. Another route would be to also go half and half second hand with brand new parts. That is what I have done for myself and what I would recommend you to do. In any case with an i5 10400f and RX 6600xt you should be perfectly fine at 1080p high settings in games like Valorant, League of Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many more. Desktop PC’s are still expensive but at least you will have the performance to back it up. It also doesn’t look like prices will be coming down any time soon anymore :(.

Here is the video Gaming PC Build New Zealand – October 2021:

0:00 – 0:45 Intro
0:45 – 1:09 Price
1:10 – 3:41 CPU
3:42 – 4:05 CPU Summary
4:06 – 6:11 Motherboard
4:40 Why I chose H510 over B560
6:12 – 7:29 Ram
7:30 – 9:28 SSD
9:29 – 10:49 Hard drive recommendations
10:50 – 16:24 Graphics card
16:25 – 17:16 Graphics card summary
17:16 – 18:19 Case
18:20 – 18:42 What to look for in a case
18:43 – 20:11 Power supply
20:12 – 20:54 Case Fan
20:54 – 21:56 Conclusion and Outro

YSTech Full Review:
October Build:



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