‘Budget’ Gaming PC Build September New Zealand with Advice

Is the Gaming PC market still broken?

Unfortunately, the market is still ‘broken’ per say or more that the current market has a lot of demand with consumers willing to spend more money for higher tier components. Alongside supply-side issues and pricing markups at this point the definition of ‘cheap’ is stretched to a point where it is no longer cheap. This gaming PC will be able to run some of your favorite games such as League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, Assassins Creed pretty easily at 1080p. The problem is that its nearly at $2000 although this PC has some awesome good quality parts inside it. This ‘series’ will also be multi part with this being the first ‘budget’ pc than part two comparing this build to some prebuilt pc’s. Honestly at the ‘budget’ price point of $900 – $1100 there are no PC builds for at least brand new components that I would recommend at all. As well even though the second hand market is still expensive as well, there are defiantly deals still to be had such as my own R7 3700x for $330NZD. Also I forgot to mention in the video if you need a higher performing CPU the R5 5600x is probably better for the money by about $100 compared to a brand new 3700x. Desktop gaming pc’s are a bit of sad hobby at the moment and it really doesn’t look like its getting better any time soon. 🙁

Here is the video on ‘Budget’ Gaming PC Build September New Zealand with Advice:


YSTech: https://ystech.org
YSTech Full Review: https://ystech.org/gaming-pc-september-new-zealand

‘Cheaper’ Gaming PC September NZ Part List:
Part 2 DIY v Prebuilt PC’s: TBC

Timestamps and Links Below:
0:00 – 2:39 Intro and Background information
2:40 – 3:51 Alternative deals and second-hand parts
3:52 – 4:36 Background on the PC Build
PC Build:
4:37 – 7:53 CPU (Processor)
7:54 – 8:45 CPU Cooler
8:46 – 10:00 Motherboard
10:01 – 11:55 Ram
11:56 – 13:45 Storage (SSD and HDD)
13:46 – 18:32 GPU (Graphics Card)
18:33 – 20:28 Case and Fan
20:29 – 22:25 PSU (Power supply)
22:26 – 25:06 Summary and Price

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