Google Stadia, Stays away for New Zealand :(

Google Stadia is, unfortunately, staying away from New Zealand for now.

This would have been awesome to buy a founders edition pack, but I can’t 🙁


It looks as though Google Stadia is only available for some countries and New Zealand is not one of them. Having gigabit internet connection this would have been awesome to try on my desktop and laptops.

I tried to buy the founders edition by changing my googles store location from New Zealand to the United States. Although I could buy it now and go to the checkout, it says my NZ address is invalid. Although you could use NZPOST’s Ushop address in the USA, so they can send you your founder’s edition controller and chromecast.

Although you would need to pay a lot more in shipping to New Zealand for the international shipping. On top of this, I wouldn’t even know if this works as Google may detect that you are using an international shipping forwarder. So this plan may not work. 🙁

But much to my dismay, this may be a good thing as we do not exactly know the problems with latency yet or early bugs/baby step problems. Google is one of the first to have a proper solution for cloud gaming and it will be interesting to see what happens to it in the future.

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