Its finally time to build a Gaming PC – June 2022 New Zealand Build

Prices are really starting to fall.

Gaming pc components are looking really good at the moment. Many parts including graphics cards are starting to sell below MSRP indicating that these prices are most likely here to stay. The only problem is that as inflation rises your spending money will shrink, given the assumption that gaming pc’s are a luxury good then prices will fall as incomes are diminished by higher inflation. Nevertheless, for June this is an amazing pc running 12th Intel and the best bang for the buck 1080p graphics card that will be able to play your favourite titles such as Valoran, League of Legends, Fortnite, Assassins Creed and many more.

Here is the video June 2022 Gaming PC for New Zealand:

YSTech Full Review:

0:00 – 0:51 Intro
0:52 – 1:22 CPU
1:23 – 2:03 Motherboard
2:04 – 2:56 Ram
2:57 – 3:50 SSD
3:51 – 6:11 Graphics Card
6:12 – 8:47 6600 XT v 3060
8:48 – 9:24 Case
9:25 – 10:13 Power Supply
10:14 Final Advice




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