Kalih Box Jades Review

Kailh Box Jades?

I am really loving these Kalih box jades they feel amazing! To be honest I would take these switches over many others. This is due to their quality, sound, and tactile feel.
They are seriously like no other. I would highly recommend them. 😀

Here is the video review of the Kalih box jades:


YSTech: https://ystech.org
YSTech Article: https://ystech.org/kalih-box-jades-review

0:00 – 1:31 Installation
1:32 – 3:00 Tactile Feel
3:01 – 3:34 Sound
3:35 – 3:54 Downsides
3:55 – 5:32 Why I love the Kalih Box Jades
5:33 – 7:19 Sound Samples
7:20 Typing Samples




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