Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Review – The Best of the Mid Tier

After picking this guy up from over 3 years ago, I can defiantly say this mouse has stood the test of time.

Meet the G303 Daedalus Apex, a mouse that has looks, quality, and precision in mind.


Now I’m not in any way a mice expert but anyone with a keen eye for detail would be able to tell you that this mouse is good value for money. At the time I had picked the G303 for about $39NZD (on sale from Noel Leeming) which was an absolute steal.

Who is this mouse for?

This mouse is aimed at people who play moba’s like League of Legends (although I had no interest in this marketing sham). The mouse is great to use when playing games like League of Legends or even FPS games like CSGO, ‘Warframe’, Apex Legends, Blacklight Retribution etc.

It’s even a great performer in productivity applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, and Vegas. I literally use it for everything and more, but still, it has never let me down.


Build Quality

When I first used the mouse, it felt kind of awkward without the thumb and slight pinkie rest that I had on my previous mouse.

But the mice feel solid in the hand and is made with this matte black plastic that unfortunately due to extreme or long use wears out and becomes shiny and smooth in highly used areas.

The mouse is braided which is nice and mine has stood the test of time quite well. Underneath the mouse pads have worn out a bit but have always stayed smooth and never needed replacing.


This mouse is not high end and is more in the middle in terms of specs. It’s missing a few on the bells and whistles like on other mice but it does the job.

The LED can change to any colour, calibrating the mice’s sensor to whatever mouse pad and changing the DPI is all tied up nicely in the Logitech G peripheral software package.

The mouse has 6 buttons left, right and middle click, DPI toggle and up and down buttons on the side of the mouse for ease of use. The mouse is light and easy to use (would recommend in an office environment).

Final Thoughts and recommendation

I haven’t changed my mice in over three years, due to how much I like this mouse. It hasn’t broken or had any problems at all. I am going to keep this mouse for a long time before I upgrade or buy the same again. There is something about the high-quality production of these mice that truly makes it a competitor even in today’s standards.
I would highly recommend buying this mouse if at the right price.
A solid 9.4/10.

(The G303 is unfortunately not sold too much anymore but the G302 is pretty much the same.)

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