Make any headphone wireless for $1

Sounds like magic, right? I’m guessing from the clicking on this you might think its clickbait.

Welcome to the world of this magical $1 device.


Seriously this thing literally makes any headphone or audio output device (with a 3.5mm jack) wireless for just $1…

I was searching around on how to make my headphones wireless. But to no avail at least for cheap. Then I was searching on AliExpress and a miracle happened. The gods came down to me and handed me this result.

A wireless Bluetooth adapter for just $1. You can find the link in the description below. So I bought it with not many expectations. But wow, was I wrong. Not only did the adapter come with its own ready to go packing.

 It also came with a 2 sided male 3.5mm jack and an instruction manual in English! Crazy right. All I had to do was turn it on plug my headphones in and connect it via Bluetooth on my phone. It was so easy. I was even able to turn up or down the volume, pause, stop, or even skip or search a song!



Now I played around with for a while, and I thought why don’t I put it through its paces to see how long the battery lasted.

I had songs blasting at full volume through my headphones (from my phone and volume up amplification/control on the device)  it lasted about 6-8Hours. It seriously has some magical battery capabilities and efficiency for such a small package.



This little Bluetooth device is literally the size of my pinkie. This means its small enough to connect to any headphone. You can see it on my pair of Phillip’s on-ear headphones here.

They fit snuggly on with the clip and I’m all ready to go.

The free additional 3.5mm adapter was also handy for easily connecting to speakers. Now, unfortunately, the jack didn’t fit exactly in my quiet point ANC-9’s, but with some minor modifications, they would fit really cleanly inside.


Range of BlueTooth

At random times mind you not often a high pitch interference would be able to be heard at bit like white noise. 

Not unbearable but a little bit annoying especially at higher volumes. However, it happened very intermittently and only happened under 5 times for less than 10 seconds.

Considering that it is $1 you really can’t complain at all. 

The range on this guy isn’t that bad. But it mainly depends on your devices Bluetooth range. From my phone, I walked about 20m and it just cut out. A little bit short but usually in a situation for this device you would only really want it to just cut out the annoying wires.


The Advantage

I have found this particularly good when I was at the gym. I didn’t have any cables, so I could use any machine with my phone on the floor.

Even when running it’s less dangerous as you have no wires and you can’t easily change volumes and or just stop the songs from playing.


 My Thoughts

I think I am going to name this adapter the tiny guy who never quit because seriously you can’t beat this value for money. You can use your existing headphones (that maybe even sound better than new ones). 

It’s easy to set up and install. Just clip it on, plug it in, and you’re away. It’s really affordable and most importantly it’s reliable. Never once have I had this guy brake on me or make me frustrated.



Considering that this guy is so low in price I would defiantly recommend picking one of these guys instead of forking out hundreds for the newest Bose wireless QC flagship. Well, I guess that about wraps it out. Make sure you check out the link to this adapter in the description below.

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But most importantly, make sure you have a great day!

Aliexpress link for the device: 



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