Prebuilt Gaming PC Worth in New Zealand March 2022?

Is a Prebuilt Gaming PC Worth in New Zealand March 2022?

It seems to me that brand new pc parts are starting to come down in price.
This is noted by a lot of tech YouTubers overseas as well. The trend is defiantly in New Zealand with general prices of in particular graphic cards prices are falling permanently it seems. With this in mind, DIY is becoming more affordable and I wanted to make a Prebuilt comparison to some New Zealand PC Retailers. These include Computer Lounge, PBTech, PCForce and PlayTech which will all be compared to my DIY PC. Keep in mind that there are different positives and negatives to prebuilt gaming pc’s one being that you don’t have to put it together but another could be the lack of high quality parts in the build. Again I get if you don’t want to DIY but I do want to show you why you should consider it or if your still not convinced which prebuilt gaming pc’s you should go for.

Here is the video Prebuilt Gaming PC Showdown NZ:

Prebuilt Spreadsheet:




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