Playmax Surface X1 Mousepad Review

Awesome budget mouse pad? Yea its cool 😉

Two years ago my previous mouse pad had given up. I didn’t really have anytime or money to waste. So instead of waiting online for a mouse pad from Trademe or Aliexpress arrive I decided to go local. But who to decide? PBTech, PCForce, Noel Leeming? Ahh, then I remembered something cool I saw that week before. The Warehouse where everyone gets a bargain or in this case a mouse pad. So I hopped on down to my local Warehouse… low and behold this Playmax X1 mouse pad was the last one on the shelf for $10 on special! I picked it immediately, then looked left and right to make sure no one was going to jump me and steal it :P. Jokes aside when I took it home it was amazing and I couldn’t believe the value for money this mouse pad was offering for the size and how slick, smooth and high quality the material was. A true gem. Two years on and this mouse pad has followed me through this adventure being at server setups now and has never failed me even through the transport, abuse and wear. An awesome product truly and well worth your money!

Dimensions: width x height 37cm x 29cm 48cm diagonally

Material: Fabric with embroider stitching and a non-slip backing


Here is the video of the Playmax X1 Mousepad:

YSTech Full Review:

Buy the Playmax X1 Mousepad at The Warehouse:



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