Playmax Surface X1 Mousepad Unboxing

The Budget Mousepad Unboxing

Now don’t get me wrong this is an amazing mousepad. Check out the review I did on the Playmax Surface X1 Mousepad to get a full insight into this mousepad. This is an unboxing of another Playmax Surface X1 Mousepad; the reason I bought it because again I needed another mousepad for my room. My Playmax Surface X1 Mousepad was still going well so I thought I might as well buy another one because of how well it’s holding up. Man was I right! The quality on the Playmax Surface X1 Mousepad has kept up and is still amazing to use. Super smooth, stitching is good and the backing holds the mousepad down well. Overall still a great mousepad at an awesome price!

Here is the video unboxing of the Playmax Surface X1 Mousepad:

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