Pre-built Gaming PC V DIY Showdown New Zealand

Prebuilt v DIY who will win?

Current PC prices are really expensive and its difficult to decide whether it is truly cheaper to purchase a PC yourself or to buy a prebuilt PC. Today I will comparing several PC builds compared the one I put together in the Part 1 of this series to prebuilt PCs from Computer Lounge, PBTech and PCForce. I have also put these PCs comparisons on a spreadsheet which you can click on above to view. There are a few links to the parts on pricespy. If there any parts which aren’t linked I will try to put the links up or if there are parts that are non-descriptive i.e. no brand I don’t know the brand and will try to find this information out soon. Also the ones I recommend are in bold. I hope you enjoy the video! 😀

NOTE ON THE SPREADSHEET: The bold ones Like the Divine and the Ronin are the ones I am recommending if you don’t want to DIY. FYI the DIY PC is still better in terms of its specs and price because of the extra HDD, Fan and aftermarket cooler


Here is the video Pre-built Gaming PC V DIY Showdown New Zealand:

YSTech Full Review:
DIY v Prebuilt Spreadsheet September:
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Part 1 ‘Budget’ Gaming PC Build September New Zealand with Advice:



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