Prebuilt v DIY Gaming PC New Zealand October

Prebuilt v DIY in New Zealand?

As it already stands a DIY PC is really expensive! But how does a prebuilt one from a computer retailer stack up to the one you can DIY? It’s an interesting choice as you can see in the video that PCs similar in price to the DIY one are not close in performance meaning the DIY outperforms it for the same price. Similar specs and performance only show about $150 – $200 extra on top of the DIY pc showing how good value the DIY PC is. But on a desktop gaming computer, it’s important to take into consideration what games you are going to play like Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and much more. Also which resolution are you wanting to use like at 1080p with high-medium settings.

Here is the video of the Prebuilt v DIY PC October:

0:00 – 1:03 Intro
1:04 – 10:31 Computer Lounge
10:32 – 18:32 PBTech
18:33 – 23:59 PCForce
Advice on specs to look for:
24:00 – 24:26 Start on advice
24:27 – 24:39 CPU
24:40 – 24:50 Motherboard
24:51 – 25:24 Ram
25:25 – 26:00 Storage
26:01 – 26:59 Graphics Card
27:00 – 27:32 Case
27:34 – 28:12 Power supply
28:13 – 28:27 Fan
28:27 Conclusion and Recommendations

YSTech Full Review:
Excel Spreadsheet of Prebuilt v DIY:



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