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Our website address is: YSTECH.ORG DISCLAIMER: You must make your own assessment of suitability of the content and/or the services for your own purposes. You are solely responsible for the actions you take in reliance on the content on, or accessed through, this site. The content does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as such.

By purchasing this image/s license you agree to the following:

You have non-exclusive rights of use authorized to the licensee (You) with the rights to use a work only in the predefined way that is allowed. This means that multiple copies of this image are to be purchased from different entities.

You may use this image for the sole purpose of commercial or personal (private) use. This may include manipulation of the image which is limited to: minor revisions, size and colour.

You may not resell, redistribute the image under any circumstances. You may not grant sublicenses or transfer usage rights to any other third party under any circumstances.

The image may be used in a commercial environment, this may include reprinting the image to use e.g. Reprinting the image to use in a commercial advertisement, website; but not using the image to further resell for profit. e.g. Reprinting the image on a canvas and selling the canvased image for profit.


End licensing agreement:

If the image is used inappropriately (e.g. Defamation, against other legal principles) the author (YSTech) has the sole right to remove this image and contract for the license of the image are to be terminated immediately.

Duration of the image licence can be considered to be ten years from the purchase date (unless early termination due to the before mentioned), to which the licensee will need to purchase a new license to continue to use the image.

There are no refunds to be given on any products sold on “”.

Failure to comply with the above terms will lead to legal action.