Replacing the battery on my Huawei Nova 3i

Replacing my own phone battery?

My Huawei Nova 3i’s battery started to bloat. So I bought a new phone, however, I still wanted to have my old phone as a backup. It was pretty easy to replace the battery and overall didn’t require too much technical skill. This phone is pretty basic. But it is important to understand the risks when doing this because it can be dangerous if you are not a professional (I am not a professional either xD).
So sit back Relax and Have a GREAT day!

Here is the video of replacing the battery in my huawei nova 3i:

YSTech Article:
Video I watched to replace the battery:

0:00 – 4:42 Opening phone up and removing the battery
4:43 – 6:58 Installing New Battery
6:59 Fingerprint Sensor and sealing phone backup




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