The Playstation 5 Reveal is here! PS5 is Now!, Launch Games, First Looks, Potential Release Date?


  1. Console
  2. Console Design
  3. Controllers
  4. Performance and Specs
  5. Games
  6. Software
  7. Release Date?
  8. Overall


Kinda sped through the video launch but it looks pretty cool.

Now here is what’s you have been waiting for some pictures of the console:

It looks like there will be two editions of the PS5. The normal PS5 to the left has a disc drive and the PS5 to the right does not have a disc drive and is called the PS5 Digital edition. Hence this means that this console will only be able to download games (which might be ok if your cool with paying higher sums of cash + have a fast download speed like gigabit fiber).

Other aspects of the console

The console also has accessories of a dual charging station, an HD camera, and a normal media remote. xD This is just more ‘features’ to market out to the consumer and they don’t really mean much. I term of design I’m really liking the cool modern look they have gone for. At least it’s not that ugly eyesore from the PS5 ‘leaked’ photo’s from before. I mean I can put this in front of the TV and it looks more like art than it does a console which is a good thing for me xD. I would really like to see a matte black edition though as my house is generally a little bit darker with all the appliances, however, I’m sure sony as always will do a colour variation in the future



The controllers have haptic feedback which I guess is a welcome edition (I’m not sure if the PS4 has it or not), but I think it’s pretty cool. The back triggers also feature adaptive triggers so that should mean that you are able to press the triggers a little bit and it will register on the game as going so far back. Like for example if your throwing something in-game which requires how much power you are to put into it.

Performance and Specs

First of all the PS5 apparently has one of the fastest SSD’s available which is awesome to see. Now in-game… This guy performs well! You can see how impressive the graphics are. Apparently, they are using some form of raid tracing from AMD Radeon as far as I know. They are also using an AMD Zen architecture CPU with 8 Cores and 16 threads which are quite interesting. Hmm, this seems likes PC doesn’t it xD. This extract from Polygon has the specs listed out: (

Again you can see how well the graphics are preforming (not I’m not sure at what settings and how optimized the games are), but this is sure to kick some butt.


There are going to be some cool new releases and I’m super hyped for the PS5 launch of the New Ratchet and Clank game called “Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart”. Well, this game is either going to be another milk or an actual good game is yet to be seen. From my instincts, I think this is going to be another milk, but I seriously hope that insomniac has learned from their mistakes of making recent awful short Ratchet and Clank games. I really hope they focused more on the story and less on the graphics. But I won’t speak too soon :). Gran Turismo 7 also looks super cool if you can see above from the screenshots. There are also a few other releases:

Spider-Man Miles Morales
Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
Gran Turismo 7
Project Athia
Hitman 3
Resident Evil 8 Village
And Much more!


There wasn’t much given on software however we did get this cool little screenshot on what the PS5 startup is going to be. I think it looks modern and sleek as always! 😀 Also they said that this console is going to be easier to make games for so that should mean more early releases. Also the PS5 is apparently backward compatible with the PS4 which should mean that it is based on a similar architecture.

Release date?

I’m not really sure, but out of pure speculation, I’d say that it would be at the end of this year depending on when Microsoft announces the new Xbox plus how this year turns out in terms of the global pandemic. 🙂


This was a cool launch. Not to much given away but enough given to make be excited for the PS5. I believe that this console is getting close to a PC (I mean honestly whats the difference now xD), but seriously this is only good for the gaming industry as we will see more awesome titles to come in the future for all platforms. This is what we want to see in a refreshed console and overall I’m happy with the changes presented so far :).



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