Top 5 Budget Smartwatches 2019

In 2019 there are a lot of options when it comes to Smart watches.

However, it can be hard to justify hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch. So here is a list of the best budget smartwatches you can buy.

All prices are in approximately in USD as of 5.02.2019


V11 Smart Watch (Also Maybe Called the Colmi V11)

This SmartWatch is really cool. Not only does it look great, but it also has a decent battery life, able to impromptu measure blood pressure and track steps/heart rate. This is all packed into a nice modern watch design. The only thing is that the UI is a bit basic and the Bluetooth is a bit odd sometimes. But the watch is an amazing fitness tracker and has been really helpful at the gym. It is a bit more expensive compared to the other options on this list but in my opinion is one of the best budget smartwatches you can currently purchase. I would definitely give this watch a shot and for the price, you really can’t go wrong.





Aliexpress Link:



YEINDBOO Colour Smart Watch


Now I’m not 100% sure on the name of this watch but the AliExpress link below will take you to the one that I am talking about here. Now, this watch is very slim and gave me a feel of a more female suited watch. But to be fair this watch would look great on everyone. This watch is simple, straightforward, strong and cheap. This watch is able to easily one of the better fitness trackers around. It’s nice and cheap and the battery life is ok. This watch has some cool functions with also being able to connect to a smartwatch through their own application. The application is simple and easy to use giving even further functionality to this watch. This watch hits all the marks and with a decent silicon build and the price is so low, you should have a serious think about picking this SmartWatch up.


AliExpress link:



A1 FIFATA Smart Watch

This watch is a clear copycat of the Apple Watch. But is so much cheaper than the Apple watch. It has a lot of cool features like taking calls and having a pedometer. The build quality is quite good with the rubber and the metal frame around the screen. The screen is fairly responsive and works quite well even when your hands have a bit of moisture on them. This is a cool watch with a decent price. Try the A1 watch if you want to look like you own an Apple Smart Watch without remortgaging the house.

AliExpress link:



DZ09 Smart Watch

Now the DZ09 is defiantly the most popular Chinese smart watch there is but I just can’t rank it any higher. The reason is the design. The DZ09 just looks ugly to me and is not something I’d want to wear. But comparatively the watch’s battery life is quite long and the build quality is actually quite nice. It can take pictures, sync to your smartphone, take calls, play music through its speaker and act as a fitness tracker. It does everything, but that is the problem. It does so much that it isn’t able to focus on one particular thing and do it well. But for the price, even though in my opinion doesn’t look great, the battery life, build quality and functionality make it a great budget contender to pick up.

AliExpress link:



Y1 Smart Watch


The Y1 smartwatch really looks cool and works really well. I use this watch when I go for a run or when at the gym. It tracks steps well and feels quite good when lifting weights or running etc. The roll wrist to wake up is a bit iffy on the watch and does not always work correctly. The screen is bright however can be a bit annoying to try and see outside. The glass is ok for the screen but tends to slide too much when your hands are sweaty during exercise. The build quality is ok but the paintwork on actually go scratched (I’m not sure how.)

The battery is poor though and lets the watch down. On my watch my battery lasts anywhere from 2-6 hours. Which is very bad, but I suspect it isn’t the watch itself but the battery, so I need to order a replacement battery (about $5). This watch would otherwise be perfect as its price is very low and looks are stellar. A good pickup but don’t be surprised if the battery isn’t that great.

AliExpress link:




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