Weirdest Dirt Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

Weirdest Dirt Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is super weird. Its ‘outemu’ blue switches have a weird system in which they work. They don’t have any metal pins and instead rely on a plastic hammer. I will do a follow-up video address this really odd mechanism. The keyboard itself is quite nice with some cool RGB accents around the sides. It also features a full menu bar which is quite nice. The faceplate I believe is made of aluminum and comes with an in-built wrist rest which you can remove. The keycaps are really poor quality and that goes for the stabilizers as well they are really rattly which makes it feel really awful sometimes. For a budget keyboard, it’s alright as long as you like the rattle, poor keycaps, and the horrible noise that outemu blue switches give (or at least just these ones).

Here is the video unboxing of the Weirdest Dirt Cheap Mechanical Keyboard:

YSTech Full Review:



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