Welcome to YSTech

Ever find yourself wondering if that product is good value for money, packs enough bang for your buck or is the creme of the crop…

Well, I think you have found yourself the best in review websites! YSTech

Who we are:
I have always found a lack of information when searching for small or niche technology products. Whether it’s from eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress or TradeMe I’ve encountered this problem for many years and I want to change that. YSTech will provide as much information on a product before you prepare to hit that purchase button.

I am budget conscious and I always want to spend as little as possible, but receive the full quality and benefit of the product. I love to do my research and try to find alternatives to get the product I want. I have over 5Years+ looking at technology gadgets and I know how the market has changed drastically over the years.

With this in mind, I want to show you the in’s and outs to purchasing technology and making sure your hard earned cash is going to get you a product that is going to maximize your satisfaction.

Also, if your Kiwi you’re in luck. It’s crazy how overinflated our tech prices are, so I will be specifically able to show you how to maximize your money in this crazy market of technology in NZ.

P.S. Can someone please make another tech retailer in NZ to bring some competition in. Thanks 🙂

-YS (Owner)