Why I stopped using New Zealand Post

NZPost seriously dropped its quality of service in the past two years.

When I sold one particular item on TradeMe and had sent it off to the customer I had found out it had taken up to 1 to 1 1/2 Weeks to send my item. This was crazy.  I couldn’t believe New Zealand post one of the largest if not the largest postal company in New Zealand could not deliver my package to my customer within three days.

This is when my suspicion started. I mean 1 week is ridiculous that is way too long for a customer to wait for their parcel. I had found that paying $9 for a bag and not receiving tracking information was just way too much to pay for the service they were offering.

Another time I went to a New Zealand post shop and ask to send my TradeMe parcel off. I bought my $9 bag and seal the parcel up. I go to the counter to ask the man to please send it off. The man at the counter abruptly says “Do you not want tracking with that?” I said to him if it’s included I’d like to do that. So he puts the sticker on for tracking and he says that is another $3 extra.

I said you have to be kidding me; I had just asked if it’s included so I don’t have to pay extra. The man replies it already on the bag I can’t take it out now. Reluctantly I had to pay the extra $3 for my bag to be tracked. When you purchase tracking with NZPost the parcel arrives overnight because of it being handled by the Courier. BUT… Guess how long the parcel took to arrive? Five days. Five full days.

This customer service was just annoying and a real pain to deal with. I was just fed up now. On top of this, they were going to increase the price of their bags so I’d be making less revenue on the things I will be selling. This was the final straw.

New Zealand post had just become frustrating now and a pain to deal with. I had to look for an alternative. I did research, and I found that New Zealand post was one of the most expensive postage companies in New Zealand.

The other postal companies in New Zealand offer tracking with their bags for a lot less than what New Zealand post is offering. So I ended up stumbling along Post Haste. Now I know they don’t have the best track record or even myself dealing with them sometimes Post Haste can sometimes be a little irritating but they were offering this service for a lot less than one New Zealand Post is.  

They own a subsidiary called Pass the Parcel. So I gave it a shot. I signed up for an account and low and behold their service is a lot cheaper than New Zealand Post.

On their website, you can order the courier bags for free in three different sizes small medium and large. This was perfect. All of these bags were so much cheaper than what New Zealand post is offering. Their bags also come with free tracking.

The bags I ordered arrived in about 2 days (There were about 10 of them, with no condition you must use them).  When a customer had purchased an item from me off Trade Me it was so much easier to send this item. All I had to do was go on Pass the Parcels website and select the destination Depo that I will drop my postage bag off. Enter the tracking code of the bag onto the website then pay for the bag online and it’s all ready to go. So I dropped the parcel off at Pass the Parcel and they send it off. Except for this time, there were no hitches at all.

The bag arrived at the customer’s house in 2 days. The parcel came with tracking so the customer and I were both able to see where the parcel was. This was a serious Improvement over New Zealand post service and it was cheaper.

This is what I’ve switched to. Pass the Parcel is so much cheaper and honestly, the service is so much better. Pass the Parcel gets a bit of a bad rap though. They tell you to phone into the Depo to inform them you have dropped off the parcel. Many people don’t realise this but (you’re supposed to do this when you drop off your parcel at Pass the Parcel/Post Haste depot) you need to sometimes phone in and to inform them that your parcel has I have dropped the parcel off. Now, this is not a full proof service, but it’s cheaper and far better than what New Zealand post has to offer.


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