Warehouse Stationery Gaming Chair Review

Warehouse Stationery? Budget Gaming Chairs? Really?

There are a lot of options when it comes to office or gaming chairs. So are the budget chairs actually worth it? In my review, I will be doing a full overview of this Warehouse Stationery workspace branded gaming chair. I will go over the upsides and downsides with a full overview of the chair. So let’s check it out! 😀

Here is the review of the Warehouse Stationery Gaming Chair:


YSTech: https://ystech.org
YSTech Full Review: https://ystech.org/ws-workspace-gaming-chair-review

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Build Quality: 0:25 – 5:00
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Comfort: 6:28 – 8:07
Final Thoughts: 8:08 – 9:11
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Decent quality chairs are hard to come by. So are the budget chairs actually worth it? This is a $100nzd gaming chair from warehouse stationery.

I’ve had this chair for almost 2 years now. Let’s go over how it held up. I’ll start with build quality, then functionality, comfort and final thoughts. All the timestamps will be in the description.

The build quality on this chair is what I’d describe as a cheap design. The leather on the arm chairs are quite poor quality and if the touch anything they will scrape. You can see this where my chair has scraped against the desk on the arm rests. The plastic design of the arm rests are quite well made. I haven’t had any issues in terms of quality as they are made of a hard solid plastic which doesn’t break or scrape that easily. The bolts used are good at holding weight on the arm rest and I haven’t experienced any need to retighten them or feeling like the arm rest is wiggling around. One note is that you must you the arm rests with the chair as the backrest of the chair is connected to the arm rest as well. Personally I always use my arm rests, however if don’t like them I’d look to buy another chair as there is no way to remove them or push them out of the way.

Now to the seat and the back. The seat has physically held up well. No marks, scratches or scuffs as expected. The only thing is that two years on the seat has started to become a bit flat and is not as fluffed up as it used to be. At least the seat does not feel like you are sitting on a piece of wood, it still does have its firmness that makes it feel soft. The padding is still not bad for its age and again is still soft. For a $100 chair this is expected. At the back of the seat where is connects to the backrest this chair collects quite a bit of dust. I don’t really clean this chair much at all and the dust build up is a sign of that. Although this is an easy wipe and fix. The underside of the seat is also holding up well and there are no signs of damage or much wear at all. Stitching is all still in place and is doing well.

The back rest of the chair is quite nice. Where you put your back is still in good shape. There is not much signs of scuffs, scrapes or marks. Overall still in good condition. The backrest feels comfortable and has not gone down in terms of its firmness. The padding is still there and is not showing much signs of wear. The stitching is all in good shape and is holding up nicely. Only one part on the seam is it showing wear with a few scrapes due to usa ge. Overall in good physical condition and is still holding its firmness.
The backside of the back rest is doing quite well with not much wear at all. A few nicks here and there but I consider this normal wear and tear.

Now the base of this chair. This chairs base is terrible. Let me explain. After a few months of use the chairs lifter is giving up. What I mean by this is that sometimes not very often will randomly start decompressing when you are on the chair. So if you’re sitting on it will randomly start lowering itself down. This is quite annoying and looks to be a manufacturing error with quality control. I still have computer chairs made 10 years ago which their chair lifts still work properly and will not randomly decompress. This chair lifter and base has been replaced once which I will explain why in a minute. So on two different chair lifters from the same chairs I am experiencing the same issue. I don’t think this is a weight issue as even if my Mum sits on the chair (mind you she is weighs a lot less than me), it still has this issue.
Secondly is with the chair wheels. Now I will give the chair some credit here. The wheels on my chair were fine right until my house flooded and we rebuilt the inside. This meant that we changed from the old carpets which were quite flat and smooth to the new fluffier carpets. These wheels cannot cope with thicker carpets. They snag and just do not work properly. So one of my wheels actually snapped off the base and I had to get this replaced. To solve this when I got the repaired chair back I had to buy a piece of carpet which is smooth in order to use the chair without it breaking again. You can also get a computer chair runner, but I personally don’t like those. It is sort of ironic because the chair that I said I had before which is from 10 years ago runs fine on this carpet without a hitch. I think that in this Warehouse stationery gaming chair they put subpar chair lifters and subpar wheels which one don’t last very long and secondly cannot handle different environments in different homes easily.

Functionality. This chair is for me is functionally quite good. I like the arm rests which hold my arms up whilst typing. The back rest and seat have both held their firmness quite well.
My only gripe with this chair is with posture.
It is easy to slouch in this chair over a period of time. I find myself slipping in this chair quite often without noticing. This could just be my isolated issue only related to me but I think it’s still good to note. One more thing is that I find the headrest to be useless due to the position it’s in. Due to my posture I am never able to touch with my head or neck. If I do I strain far away from the keyboard which is very awkward. It would have been nice if this chairs headrest was a bit forward to actually support my neck.
The chair turns on its base easily around and can move well only on light or smooth surfaces. Thick heavy surfaces such as thick carpet and this chair is not going to roll properly. The chair rocks a little bit so you can lean back on it a bit. It will be able to take the weight but do be careful.
The wide bucket seat is also great for taller people. My legs are actually able to be on the chair and they are not squatting down or squished together on smaller bucket seats. I think this is an upside for me and gives the chair a great feel.

Comfort. This chair is well padded almost everywhere. The seat has kept its firmness and the backrest too. The seat is wide in a bucket shape which is ideal of a tall person. There are also parts of breathable material which is great in summer to ensure that there is a little bit of airflow on the chair. This breathable material does an ok job and regulating heat which I do prefer over a full leather chair which can get very hot compared to this one. The backrest does an okay job at posture as I mentioned before the bottom for the lower back is pushed forward, middle is pushed back and the top headrest is only push forward a little. My shoulders are able to rest on the backrest nicely whilst typing my only gripe is the headrest as it almost serves no purpose due to its position. The headrest should be positioned forward a little bit more in order to actually use it.
There is also a bit of rock on the chair which I like as I can lean back a little bit. If you don’t like chairs that lean back and prefer a solid one than this one would defiantly not be for you. My Dad doesn’t like my chair for the sole reason that it can lean back on the base. He says it feels unbalanced.
The armrests are ok and I would have preferred a bit more foam on the back of it to keep your elbows from hurting after a long time. After an hour or so you can feel the plastic below it which is a bit annoying.
Overall I like the comfort of this chair as its well-padded, supports my shoulders and has a wide bucket seat.

My final thoughts. There are issues in the build quality of the base on this chair. For $100 its not bad but its unlikely to hold up very well for an extended period of time. I believe this chair is occasionally available from 1-day deals and Warehouse Stationery for $100. They do sell out fast so if you want one make sure you go and buy it asap.
Personally I would recommend to look for another office chair and which is not a gaming chair as its more likely to last longer. You should save up for something better instead of going budget with this chair. Mind you I still use the chair and other than the chair lifter and base I personally like the feeling of the chair. It has kept its firmness and the wide bucket seat is great for someone who is tall. Again its for you to decide.
That sums up the video, thank you very much for watching, check out ystech.org for more awesome content and most importantly stay safe, stay healthy and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye! 😀



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