PC parts in New Zealand are super expensive.

Nevertheless here is my April 2020 PC Part Picker Build. Along with some solid advice on what to spend your money on instead of paying absurd brand new prices :).


  1. PC parts in NZ are SUPER expensive right now
    1. Change parts in and out to make your ultimate pc. 😉
    2. This is just a build guide.
    3. Wait for deals 😊
  2. Get something cheaper second hand
    1. AliExpress for Ryzen CPU’s
      1. 2600x or the 1700x
    2. Trademe for GPU’s or CPU’s
    3. Or eBay
  3. Try to get dual channel ram at higher speed generally for Ryzen CPU’s
    1. I know ram is super expensive right now and personally I would go and try to find a deal instead of the one in the pc part picker list.
  4. Graphics card list
    1. RX 570 (Absolute lowest brand new)
    2. RX 580 (<< My recommendation)
      1. Amazon will be better for this
    3. RX 5500 XT (Close to the RX 580 but a bit better)
    4. GTX 1660 Super (<< My recommendation)
    5. GTX 1070 Second Hand (<< My recommendation)
    6. RX 5600 XT
    7. RTX 2060 (<< For newer features like new Nvenc encoder)
    8. GTX 1080 preferably 1080ti second hand (Kinda expensive rn tbh, but really good price to performance.
      1. A RX 5700 XT is also new but better in some circumstances than the 1080.
  5. Do not buy a ____ gpu brand new
    1. RX 550 (Save your money or go second hand)
    2. GTX 1050 or GTX 1050ti (Too expensive not enough performance)
      1. Buy them 2nd hand for under $90NZD
    3. GTX 1650 (Not worth it)
  6. Generally, I try to get a new motherboard and power supply just for personal safety/piece of mind reasons (also for warranty) xD.
  7. Yes these parts should be able to run Fortnite at 1080p medium – high.
  8. Nvidia’s graphics cards seem to hold a little bit more value than the AMD graphics cards just through my observation. I think this is because the name of the brand and the value that it carries. If your wanting to sell again remember generally Nvidia’s GPU’s hold a little higher value.

Here is the video of the BEST GAMING PC BUILD NZ APRIL 2020 + ADVICE:

YSTech Full Review:
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