BEST BUDGET GAMING PC IN NEW ZEALAND 5271.55$ (3151.86$) (3376.82$ (2019 $))700

A $700 Budget Gaming Computer for New Zealand

Do you want an awesome budget value gaming desktop PC? Then boy do I have the video for you! Above you will find the finest advice in technology for YS from YSTech himself. If you want to play fortnite, apex legends, league of legends, red dead redemption and much more at 1080p or 900p without making your parents have a heart attack over the price of the computer build I have got you. Desktop computers are awesome to build by yourself and will give you the satisfaction of spending as little as you want on your top-performing computer!

Here is the video of the A $700 Budget Gaming Computer for New Zealand :

YSTech Full Review:

Budget Build 2019 Link – PCPartPicker Link:



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