Canterbury Shirts Unboxing

Cheap Canterbury Shirts?

1-Day deals is an awesome website to get some great deals. Just one note this video was filmed in late 2020 and 1-Day Deals has changed a bit. I say this as 1-Day Deals allows other sellers to sell on their website now. They use to only sell the stock they had. Just be aware of who you are buying from on their website now. They are owned by TheWarehouse group so when they sold products and if something went wrong it was really easy to get a return. But now they have different sellers. Anyways the Canterbury shirts I bought were from 1-Day deals and they were at an awesome steal of $10 each. For branded shirts that are pretty good in my opinion. I was surprised with the quality as I thought they might be seconds but they weren’t; the shirts were high-quality and well stiched. What an amazing steal! 😀

Here is the video unboxing of the Canterbury Shirts:

YSTech Full Review:



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