AMD Wraith Spire RGB LED Unboxing and Install


Today I’m going to show you a full take on the AMD Wraith LED in terms of cleaning, removal, and installation. I won’t be going over the thermals of the cooler. I bought this AMD Wraith RGB Led second hand off TradeMe. The reason I wanted to purchase is that I was getting tired of my ‘stealth black’ look on my PC. Overall I had an awesome experience with this little project and this will be episode 1 in upgrading my pc.

Here is the video unboxing of the AMD Wraith Spire RGB LED:

YSTech Full Review:


Intro: 0:00 – 0:28

Unboxing: 0:29 – 3:04

Removal: 3:05 – 6:07

Cleaning: 6:08 – 11:30

Checking for fittings: 11:31 – 12:57

Installation: 12:58 – 17:00

Final Thoughts: 17:01 – 19:10

Current Look: 19:11



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