PSVITA Controller Case (With L2 and R2 Buttons)

The PSVita is awesome in 2020, but this case is makes it even better.

Playing on the PSVita feels amazing, I’ve never really had a portable console in the past but I thought I might as well give this guy ago. It was really cool to play the PS2 classic games that I’ve grown up with like Ratchet & Clank 3 on the vita. The portability is cool as I can lounge around on the couch or sit outside under the trees with my dog. It was great until I encountered having to use the back pad heavily. In R&C 3 on the planet Daxx you get the charge boots and unfortunately, R2 is bound on the PSVita to the back touch which feels absolutely terrible. So, fortunately, I found this PSVita case on AliExpress that fits snuggly over the vita and gives the ability for physical R2 and L2 buttons. See what I have to say about it in the video! Enjoy! 😀

Here is the video of unboxing the PSVITA Controller Case (With L2 and R2 Buttons):

YSTech Full Review:

AliExpress link for the Arduino Uno:



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